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Wildcat II 5120 / Wildcat III 6110 Configuration

Note: With the advances in graphics display technology, the information in this document is deprecated. (December 2017)


"On February 24th 2006, 3DLABS refocused its business and stopped developing its workstation graphics cards for the PC and announced it would focus on its new DMS™ low-power media-rich application processors." - http://www.3dlabs.com/content/Legacy/


The Wildcat™ 3D graphics cards offer stereo graphics with dual-pipeline-architecture. These cards offer the excellent performance for 3D stereo roaming for VrTwo. If roaming is not needed and static stereo mode is used the 3Dlabs GVX1 Pro and GVX210 graphics cards may be used with VrTwo.


Before configuring the Wildcat graphics card, the latest drivers should be downloaded from the 3Dlabs web page at www.3dlabs.com.


NOTE: The monitor used for stereo viewing should be capable of refresh rates of 100 Hertz or better.


Start the Display Properties dialog by pressing the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop and selecting Properties then the Settings tab.




Notice the 3Dlabs Wildcat card is listed in the Display area. Press the Advanced button and then the Wildcat Monitor button. If there is no Wildcat Configuration or Wildcat Monitor tab, then the proper drivers have not been loaded. Visit the 3Dlabs web page at www.3dlabs to download the drivers.




Press the Configure Monitor button to configure the Wildcat card




Notice the Display mode is set to “Stereo, Frame Sequential Display”. If this option is not available then the proper drivers are not loaded.  Visit the 3Dlabs web page at www.3dlabs to download the drivers. A screen refresh rate of 100 Hertz or greater is need to avoid flicker when in stereo mode. At the 1280x1024 resolution, 100, 104 and 120 Hertz are available. NOTE: The monitor used MUST be capable of the refresh rate set in Available Resolutions.


Document revised: 2005