Vr Mapping




File Index (FilInd)

Type: Batch Application


Creates file extents as lines an places them into workspace 1.



File Index created file extents lines

Detailed Description

File Index reads the coordinate file extents of multiple VrOne files that are specified by the user and not currently open.  The coordinate file extents are drawn as lines and placed into workspace 1.  Typically workspace 1 is open and does not contain any entities before running File Index.


Options include user the ability to place the file name as text in each extents line and placing the file name as the line Feature Code.  The layers for the lines and text may be specified along with the text size as a percentage of the with of each line rectangle.  Defined parameters are remembered between runs.


File Index should be run from the VrOne environment with a single workspace open.

Available Key-ins


Parameters for File Index


Layers to place lines

When lines are created they are placed in this layer in Workspace 1.

Layer to place file text

When text labels are created consisting of the file names they are placed in this layer in workspace 1.  A layer number of zero will suppress the creation of text labels

Text size (%)

Defines the text size as a percentage of the line rectangle width.  The range of this parameter is 10 to 100.

Place file in in line Feature Code

If checked, the VrOne file name will be placed in the line's Feature Code.  Edit line may used to identify a line and it's file name will be displayed in the Menu Keys dialog as the Feature Code.