Vr Mapping




VrOne - VrTwo


Photogrammetric Vector Collection and Editing Package


The VrOne 2D graphics window


VrOne is a powerful photogrammetric vector collection and editing package with Digital Terrain Modeling and image display capability.


The program design and implementation is the result of over twenty years of software development experience in the mapping industry. Photogrammetry today requires the mapping professional to deliver vector, image, and DTM data as digital products. VrOne addresses many of the problems encountered in handling the collection, editing and plotting of vector, image, and DTM data.


It is a highly efficient, stand-alone, 3D graphic system designed for photogrammetry. Years of service in software development and support in the field of mapping have generated the most practical mapping tool available today. VrOne is an easy-to-learn system that offers fast data acquisition, easy editing, powerful data storage and specialized mapping applications.



Stereo Viewing, Collection and Editing


The VrTwo 3D stereo graphics window (Anaglyph)


VrTwo seamlessly integrates stereo viewing with the highly successful VrOne editing and data capture package. It maintains VrOne's power, flexibility and ease of use. VrTwo, in either static or roaming mode, serves as a photogrammetric workstation as well as a 3D CAD station.


VrTwo is comfortable both to the eyes and the wallet. It is able to run on standard PCs, keeping user hardware costs to a minimum.


The Power of Two!  Maintain the easy, flexible, and powerful mapping of VrOne in a stereo softcopy.


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