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NOTE: December 2017 - With the advances in graphics card and monitor technologies, much of the data in this document is deprecated.


When viewing 3D stereo in VrTwo the display monitor should be capable of a refresh rate of at least 100Hz at a resolution of 1280x1024. Refresh rates slower than 100Hz can result in noticeable flicker to the operator. See NVIDIA 3D Vision Package for information on stereo compatible LCD monitors.


The trend in display technologies is toward non-CRT display screens such as LCD screens and finding CRTs with 100-120Hz capability is more difficult. Manufacturers of CRT monitors have either switched production to CRT technologies or gone out of business. High quality CRTs are still being made but searching for them is necessary.


If any of the Vr Mapping products except for VrTwo and VrAirTrig is being used then an LCD monitor will work well. This includes VrOne, VrConfiguration, VrOrtho, VrMosaic, ImageUtility, VrVolumes and VrBalance. Any application that displays 3D stereo will show flicker on an LCD monitor. NOTE: A feature of VrOne is the 3D viewer that is designed to display vectors in 3D. There are two modes to this viewer; 3D in which the display in which the vectors are in a perspective 3D view and 3DS (3D Stereo) in which the display is in a 3D view which requires a stereo card and stereo glasses.


An LCD screen is capable of displaying stereo but at 85Hz there will be noticeable image flicker.

Where to Look

Call Michael Hooper at Sharper Technology (650-964-4600) www.sharpertechnology.com. Michael is up on the latest stereo compatible CRT’s and has a wide variety of stereo products.


Google makes a good commercial search engine called Froogle (www.froogle.com). Using a search key of Monitor CRT 22” or a variation of will show a list of 22-inch CRT monitors. If you don’t mind a used monitor then a search of eBay (www.ebay.com) should yield some good finds.


Newegg (www.newegg.com) has a selection of CRT monitors available but check the specifications carefully.


Listed below are several monitors that should work well with the graphics cards supported by VrTwo. NOTE: Please check the specifications carefully. Cardinal Systems has not tested all the products listed below.







ViewSonic P220f 22" CRT Monitor

ViewSonic G220f 21” CRT Monitor

ViewSonic G220fb 21” CRT Monitor

ViewSonic G225fB 21” CRT Monitor (www.sharpertechnology.com)


Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060U (DP2060U)




NEC MultiSync FP2141SB CRT monitor


NEC MultiSync FE-2111SB-BK