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VrBalance is an advanced global image balancing solution to correct color and intensity differences between images. VrBalance is integrated seamlessly with VrMosaic.VrBalance will work with raw or ortho rectified images and does not require any image orientation.


It also can serve as a stand-alone program for directly balancing any set of images. When used as a standalone program, VrBalance provides a powerful tool for batch processing a large number of images. The VrBalance standalone program allows any number of images to be selected and then written out as or replaced with corrected images.


The VrBalance advanced color and intensity balancing process analyses all of the images in a project. Using statistical matching techniques, it computes a global correction model to fit all of the images into a common color and intensity range. This results in image color and intensity uniformity throughout the entire project and provides excellent image-to-image matching during the mosaicing process.


All VrBalance computation parameters may be adjusted by the user, giving complete control over the balancing process. Computation parameters provide separate settings for color and intensity adjustment types. Other processing parameters include sampling method, computation level, samples per image, sample size, and standard deviation filter. An image margin may also be specified to eliminate the use of non-image data around the edges of raw images.


Like VrMosaic, VrBalance balances images across an entire project; however, VrBalance works in a batch mode with any set of input images. VrBalance can be operated from the command-line without any user interaction using appropriate input arguments.


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