Vr Mapping




Model Orientations

There are two stand-alone programs available to accomplish the task of 3D model orientations which include VrTwo Orientation and Vr Model Set.  Along with the two model orientations, there are several support applications.


VrTwo Orientation (Vr2Ori) - Offers a more hands on approach to orientation with the option to import aerial triangulation measurements and the ability to set a model using the traditional three-step orientation method (interior, relative, absolute ordination).  Please see VrTwo Orientation for more information on this program.
Vr Model Set (VrModSet) - Offers a streamlined optimal procedure and imports exterior orientations only.  makes creating and choosing models easy.  VrModSet picks the best models to orient based on simple user defined overlap parameters which is useful for UAV work.  Please see Vr Model Set for more information on this program.
Vr Camera Calibration (VrCamCal) - Offers is a stand-alone program to perform camera lens calibrations.  Please see Vr Camera Calibration for more information on this program.
Edit Camera (EdiCam) - Used by various applications to allow entry/edit of camera calibration parameters.  Please see Edit Camera for more information on this application.